Titanium Group Announces Agreement with WRT

Titanium Group, a biometric and security solutions provider announced that the company has signed a partnership agreement with Shenzhen Huiruitong, which owns the brand "WRT," an award winning PRC-based security system manufacturer specializing in security solutions for residential and commercial properties. Through this partnership, Titanium's leading biometric technologies will be integrated with WRT's flagship intercom product, resulting in an innovative product called "Biometric Video Door Phone." This product supports not only password and smart card access control for buildings, but can also adopt face recognition as a unique key for residents' convenient access. "WRT have 35 branches throughout China with more than 3 million users. We feel confident about this brand new product as we have already received a preliminary contract commitment from potential customers with a sum in excess of $1 million in 2009," said Billy Tang, CEO of Titanium Group.
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