Bangkok Selects Motorola Video Wireless Solution for Public Safety and Security Needs

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Office is now using Motorola's secure, scalable and robust outdoor wireless mesh solution to run its 24-hour video surveillance network for public safety and traffic management at Yaowaraj, Sumphanthawong (China Town) areas in Bangkok, Thailand. The wireless technology-based video surveillance network effectively strengthens the existing security apparatus as well as facilitates improved traffic management. The network uses Motorola's AP5181 Access Points (AP) to build the wireless backbone, and is the first of its kind to use open standards Wi-Fi technology for video surveillance applications by a government agency in Thailand. The project has been implemented by Motorola's Bangkok-based business partner and authorized re-seller TCM Consulting Group.

The AP5181 Access Point's self-assembling, self-healing mesh capability supports Wi-Fi multimedia (WMM) extensions to ensure quality of service (QoS) while cost-effectively extending wireless networks beyond and between buildings. One of the dual radios in the AP5181 radio can also be converted in to a 24/7 dual-band dedicated sensor for Motorola AirDefense solution to provide gap-free security. With an integrated router, firewall, DHCP, AAA and hotspot services, the AP offers a superior outdoor WLAN solution. The AP5181 Access Points are designed and built to withstand some of the harshest conditions, including high velocity winds, rain and extreme temperature range of 30 degree centigrade to 131 degree centigrade to ensure they deliver compelling return on investment. The access points also integrate lightning arrestors, surge protection and an array of antenna and power accessories.

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