Pointer Telocation Gives Drivers a Voice in Times of Distress

Pointer Telocation Ltd., (Nasdaq Capital Market: PNTR, Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange: PNTR) - a AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) solutions provider for fleet management, car and driver safety, public safety, road side assistance, vehicle security and asset management, launch of the company's Cellocator? Handsfree unit.  The device enables fleet management assistance representatives to listen to a driver of a vehicle, as well as to what is happening inside the vehicular cabin during times of distress, after the panic button has been activated.  Additionally, the unit can serve as a voice communication device between the driver and the control representative, eliminating the need for a hand-held mobile phone.

The Cellocator? Handsfree allows for full duplex voice connectivity via microphone and speaker. The driver may initiate, answer and disconnect calls via a service button, or alternatively, by pressing the panic button.  There is also an auto answer mode, which enables the call to get through without driver involvement – which serves as a useful tool in times of distress or as a safety measure.  The destination of the call is programmed with a predefined number (i.e. the service center). The Cellocator? Handsfree unit also supports silent monitoring, in which the caller can listen to the driver and what happens in the cabin but the speaker is muted.

The unit controls the transmission of the voice from the car to the GSM network and vice versa.  The unit also controls the voice characteristics like ringer volume, speaker volume and microphone gain. The unit also is responsible for echo canceling, a must for full duplex operation.

Israel Ronn, General Manager of Cellocator, the Product Division of Pointer Telocation, said, "Whether it be as a result of a car accident, attempted theft or simply for routine communication, a driver of commercial fleet vehicle has to be fully equipped with the best technology to react properly.  Our new Cellocator? Handsfree unit will activate secret communication with a fleet control center, and will enable the fleet managers to quickly alert the proper authorities to respond to the distress.  It is more proof that Pointer Telocation is a leader in the fleet management and vehicle security industries."

About Pointer Telocation
Pointer Telocation Ltd. is a provider of products and services to the automotive and insurance industries, offering a set of services including Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Road Side Assistance and Fleet Management. Pointer is publicly traded company on Nasdaq and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (Tickers: PNTR). Pointer Telocation has a growing client list with products installed in over 500,000 vehicles across the globe: the UK, Greece, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Costa Rica, Norway, Venezuela, Hungary, Israel and more. Cellocator, a Pointer Products Division, is a leading AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) solutions provider for fleet management, car and driver safety, public safety, vehicle security and asset management and more.

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