TimeSight Systems VLM Solution Protects Vehicle Inventory with Minimal Storage Disk Space

TimeSight Systems, a supplier of Video Lifecycle Management (VLM), announced that Certified Towing of Richmond, California has implemented a TimeSight Video Surveillance appliance with MORe (Motion Optimized Recording) to protect millions of dollars in vehicle inventory value at a fraction of the costs of traditional digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) systems. With the TimeSight VLM solution, Certified Towing is protecting its property and inventory with a high-resolution video surveillance network that better identifies events such as accidents or vandalism while actually lowering video storage requirements and extending retention times.

"Over the course of the past year, Certified Towing has had two security incidents that required review of the video captured by our TimeSight solution," said Darrell Wells, owner of Certified Towing. "In both incidents, the TimeSight solution played a significant role in helping solve the crime. By using TimeSight's video software, it was easy to research specific times and camera angles.  In one instance, I had to review three months of archived video.  It was only because of TimeSight's advanced lifecycle management technology that we were able to retain that large of a quantity of digital video files with the resolution required to give us visual clarity. The video evidence ultimately led to confessions and the police arrested the perpetrators of the crimes."

Featuring dynamic H.264 compression, the TimeSight VLM solution automatically reduces the size of video surveillance files over time as risk is reduced. This allows Certified Towing to make use of cost-effective, high quality mega-pixel security images that provide extraordinary level of details for better protection of people and property, while maintaining video surveillance data for many months in the event that it's needed later.

"A single TimeSight intelligent surveillance appliance intelligently manages all of Certified Towing's high resolution video, motion and non-motion, without the burden of large amounts of storage," said Charles Foley, chairman and CEO, TimeSight Systems. "If they were using a traditional video recording system, 800 percent more video disk space would be required to achieve equal quality and retention."
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