ACTi Megapixel IP Cameras Secure Swedish School Property

John Bauer is an upper secondary school in Sweden and is situated at 28 places throughout the country. The school is focused on IT, health and entrepreneurship educational programs and has recently chosen an open platform of ACTi IP Cameras managed by Ethiris' software. The new surveillance system consists of 10 units of CAM-7411, vandal resistant, Megapixel IP Rugged Dome Cameras and the system continues to expand.

Most of ACTi's cameras are equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE), which enables power support and video transmission over single network cable. This will help accelerate the deployment process and reduce overall installation costs. In addition, one of the reasons that John Bauer chose ACTi's cameras was due to its design that matches the campus environment. Also, ACTi's cameras are well integrated and compatible with other independent software vendors in the industry, which leaves great freedom for the school to choose different kind of management software.

"ACTi ACM-7411 Megapixel IP Cameras provide video quality at high resolution (1280x1024 @ 8fps). Moreover, its vandal, weatherproof housing with IP66 standards supported meets John Bauer's requirements in camera damage prevention at an outdoor environment." says ACTi's local distributor, Prio Security, who cooperated together with their partner, Elajo, to project the surveillance system for the school.

In this case, all of the ACTi cameras are connected to an open platform, supported by Ethiris. Now the school is able to secure its properties 24 hours a day and monitor every corner of the campus, including entrances, exits and stairs, etc. Remote clients can log into the management system to get simultaneous monitoring no matter where they are or how late it is. 

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