NICE SmartCenter Complies with New Brazilian Regulations

NICE Systems Ltd., a provider of advanced solutions that enable organizations to extract Insight from Interactions to drive performance, announced that NICE SmartCenter has been selected by seven Brazilian telecommunications and contact center outsourcing companies to comply with new customer service regulations put in place by the Brazilian government effective December 1 st, 2008. Each of these companies placed orders in the fourth quarter of 2008 for NICE SmartCenter for their contact centers, which handle millions of customer calls each month, to meet the requirements of the country's new presidential decree.

The new Brazilian State decree, which became effective December 1 st, 2008, aims to protect consumers against abusive practices by obliging contact centers to adhere to higher standards of customer service or incur penalties. Contact centers are now obliged, for example, to transfer calls no more than once and put customers on hold for no longer than one minute. In addition it also outlines soft-skills requirements, such as clarity, efficiency, precision, punctuality and cordiality. Furthermore, if a caller wants to cancel a service, the organization must oblige immediately.

"In the last few months we have already seen new opportunities arise as a result of the Brazilian government's new decree on improving customer service levels for the country's 185 million population, and we see our role only continuing to expand in this area in the future," said Yochai Rozenblat, President, NICE Americas Enterprise.

NICE will provide these firms with recording and quality management (QM) solutions, some of which will be implemented in a VoIP environment, that will help them improve agent customer service performance for maximized customer satisfaction. By delivering a better understanding of which agent behaviors are the most productive, successful contact center management best practices can be implemented across all teams. By better identifying which behaviors are detrimental to customer satisfaction, they can better uncover knowledge and soft-skill gaps to provide more precise agent training. Furthermore, NICE's integration with the contact centers' CTI system enables telecommunications companies to comply with the decree's requirements regarding queue times and call transfer times. Additionally, NICE's call flow analysis capabilities help ensure that the customer's call was not ended prior to providing the requested service per decree requirement.
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