Vicon Introduces New I-ONYX IP Cameras with Digital Noise Reduction

Vicon Industries Inc., a designer and producer of video surveillance systems, announced the addition of three new models within its I-ONYX line of IP cameras. The VN-856 series, which includes color, day/night and wide dynamic range models, all feature digital noise reduction (DNR), allowing the cameras to provide superior performance in low light conditions. The cameras apply DNR algorithms to process the video prior to transmission, reducing the noise that typically plagues video captured in low light. The result is cleaner images with more discernable detail, as well as smaller video files that require lower bandwidth for transmission and less storage space. The cameras are compatible with the ViconNet digital video management system.

The cameras offer several high-end features that provide system designers with added flexibility when determining camera placement within an installation. All offer programmable privacy masking zones that allow for sections of the image to be shaded out so that the operator may not view video within these boundaries. A mirror setting allows for aiming the camera at a mirror, rather than the desired scene, and the captured image is automatically reversed for viewing purposes, returning it to its proper orientation. A sensitivity setting allows the user to increase the camera's sensitivity as it detects the light levels in dark or night environments. All three cameras provide a resolution of 540 horizontal lines and employ ViconNet MPEG-4 compression that optimizes both file size and picture quality.
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