Contract Locking Services Offers Access Contorl Products Exclusive to Norbain

Contract Locking Services offers a range of Access Control products exclusive to Norbain. The range consists of products that offer budget, high quality solutions to customers.

Contract Locking has added to the range by offering a cost-effective 3 Amp, 12v power supply for Access Control. It comes standard with an in-built 60 second timer circuit and battery back-up, and is contained in a hinged metal box measuring 220x220x80mm.

The 3 Amp output with the timer makes it ideal for any electric locking application, in particular a stand alone door entry system where a timed exit switch is required. It is also ideal for magnetic lock or shearlock installations.

The timed output allows you to switch auxiliary devices such as sounders, strobes, locks and buzzers. A timer also allows the installer and end user to set a time for the switch to stay activated, for example, leaving the lock released or the sounder buzzing.
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