TI's OMAP 3 Technology Monitors Homes with Security Gateways through Mobile Phones or PCs

Security gateways, an entirely new class of security systems from the telematics system integrator M2M Solution (M2M), allow end users to view real-time video of homes or commercial facilities on a mobile phone or PC, giving them full monitoring control and eliminating the need for expensive surveillance services. These breakthrough devices can read data from motion or smoke detectors, scan the status of doors and windows and interact with individuals inside the monitored area to determine if they are intruders. All this is possible with the compact Homebox unit powered by the OMAP3503 processor and development infrastructure including evaluation boards, software and services from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), which allowed M2M to design the system. M2M serves as a business-to-business supplier and develops complete security concepts, from hardware to ongoing services, for major companies in the telecom, insurance and industrial security fields.

"TI provided a complete system level solution with the OMAP 3 applications processor, RF transceivers, audio codecs and power-management devices," explains Arnaud Duclap, chief operating officer, M2M Solution. "Additionally, the TI development tools and Linux board-support package allowed us to save time and money using open source codecs for MPEG-4 and H.263, so we were able to modify our base concept to meet unique customer requirements."

TI's OMAP3503 processor with its 600 MHz ARM Cortex-A8 core provides all the computational power and I/O needed to run this unobtrusive appliance, which measures just 14 x 14 x 8 cm. The unit features a built-in 5MP camera that works in low light with a 140-degree angle that also accepts signals from WiFi cameras. The processor then transcodes camera data so users can watch real-time images optimized for their mobile phones or PCs.

Other integrated I/O includes Ethernet for a hardwired link to a broadband router, GSM for homes or facilities not equipped with a broadband connection or as a backup to a wired connection, WiFi for external cameras and broadband routers, plus an 868 MHz RF link to various security/safety sensors and even external sirens. Future features will take advantage of the Homebox's Bluetooth and Zigbee ports.

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