RISCO Group Launches an Integrated Video Solution with a Complete Security Suite

RISCO Group, a provider of Integrated Security Solutions, launched a new Integrated Video Solution. The solution is comprised of SynopSYS Security & Building Management Platform System integrated with a line of Net DVRs and offers real time video and event management for security directors and guards, RISCO Group's Integrated Video Solutions are ideal for deployment in banks, universities, and institutional, industrial and commercial establishments.

The SynopSYS enables the Security Guard to monitor and control the various devices from a single location with a comprehensive real time event handling mechanism. One of the main advantages of using RISCO Group's Integrated Solution is the possibility to integrate Access Control and Intrusion Systems together with the Net DVR solution providing the user with a complete security suite.

The Net DVR integrated into the SynopSYS solution, captures critical video continuously or in response system alarms, video windows can be configured to automatically pop-up upon predefined events as well as PTZ camera's pointing to view events. With SynopSYS a Security Guard obtains comprehensive information with visual display for efficient decision making, In addition, automatic actions can be defined upon a certain alarm, such locking all exits following an unauthorized entry. The Net DVR solution allows viewing recorded video or live situations locally or remotely over the network.

RISCO Group's Net DVR Plus7000 & 6000 series are high-performance H.264 network digital video recorders. The analog video is converted to digital high quality up to 4CIF real time digital video utilizing H.264 compression algorithm. The Net DVR is designed for robust and cost effective image viewing and recording at up to 30 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL) frames per second per camera in high resolution.
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