Avigilon Surveillance System Secures GNF’s Open and Collaborative Environment

Avigilon announced that the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF), a research arm of the multi-national healthcare products company Novartis, has deployed the Avigilon High Definition (HD) surveillance system to help keep the facility running safely and securely while maintaining an open and collaborative campus environment for important scientific research.

With 600 employees located at its 260,000 square foot facility in San Diego, California, GNF upgraded its old analog based surveillance system with the Avigilon HD system to instantly identify details necessary for positive identification and deliver better overall protection. Leveraging its existing 48 analog surveillance cameras located at all building and laboratory entrances and in the facility's parking garage, GNF installed 12 Avigilon Analog Encoders, each supporting four analog cameras, and one Avigilon 2 MP IP camera mounted in the shipping and receiving area to monitor the north side of the facility. With five monitors located in the security command center, and several others at the main reception area, GNF has created a hybrid analog/digital system that is managed using Avigilon Control Center software with HD Stream Management.

GNF has achieved significant benefits since deploying the Avigilon HD surveillance system. For example, GNF can integrate new cameras for a third the cost of its previous system and has been able to reduce 70 percent of the space required to house its old analog system. In addition, the amount of time spent on video retrieval has been reduced from 30 to three minutes. GNF has also enjoyed HR-related savings. With better image clarity, security staff can now work more efficiently and spend more time on other critical issues. In addition, when GNF adds a new building to its campus, they may be able to leverage Avigilon's remote surveillance feature and save the cost of hiring a new guard for the new building.

"With its Avigilon HD surveillance system in place, GNF not only boasts a research facility to help prevent and cure diseases such as the flu, malaria, and cancer, it also has a surveillance system that delivers functionality to help keep the facility safe and secure," said Dave Tynan, vice president of global sales at Avigilon.
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