Munich Airport Installs Aimetis Symphony for IP Video Surveillance

Aimetis, a supplier in intelligent IP video surveillance software, announced that Aimetis Symphony will be installed as the video surveillance software platform in Munich Airport's Terminal One.

Aimetis Symphony provides the airport with a single platform for upgrading the existing analog video system to operate over an IP network and for integrating the video surveillance system with other systems also operating on the network, such as, the command center software, burglar alarm and fire alarm systems.

"The upgraded video surveillance system is a critical component of the airport security and operations," said Michael Zaddach, Manager IT Service, Munich Airport. "Aimetis Symphony will assure the smooth flow of operations, help to prevent and solve crimes and will provide emergency crews with the information they need in special situations."

Aimetis has partnered with Alcatel-Lucent, who will provide system integration and project management to deliver a turnkey solution for the largest and most innovative IP video project in Germany.

Initially, Munich Airport will install Aimetis Symphony Professional licenses for approximately 800 new and existing analog and IP cameras. The number of cameras is estimated to increase to 3000 as the airport grows and expands. Aimetis Symphony also provides the airport with the ability to upgrade individual cameras with video analytics as required.

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