e-ID Cards from Gemalto Deployed by Kingdom of Bahrain

Gemalto, a supplier in digital security, announced it will deliver an additional 1 million of its latest generation electronic ID cards for citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This new program extends the country's original electronic ID system, which saw Gemalto documents distributed since September 2007. Gemalto will provide consultancy on smart card related solutions, including public key infrastructure and smart card applications and training. This new identity card combines built-in biometrics (with in particular match-on-card fingerprint authentication), contact and contactless technologies, and serves as official ID and travel document. Prepared for the future, the card can store medical information of the cardholder (including URL's pointing to the cardholder electronic medical files, to facilitate medical information and document sharing under the cardholder's authority) and allows possibility for e-driving license. It also includes provision for a payment application, plus access to e-gates (at airports and in civil service locations) and capability to securely access e-government services over the Internet.

This electronic identity card, the size of a credit card, is the official ID for Bahrain citizens, as well as foreign residents. Thanks to the software and security features embedded in the Gemalto Java microprocessor, the cardholder will have the opportunity in the future to access to the kingdom's e-government services. The contactless technology combined with the match-on card biometric capability allows this ID card to be also used as a travel document, increasing speed, convenience and security of identity verification at border crossing.
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