CNL IPSecurityCenter v4.1 Features its Administration Interface and Web-client Service

CNL, a developer of Integrated Situation Management software, has announced the release of IPSecurityCenter v4.1. This release of IPSecurityCenter adds a number of features including Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping integration, an administration interface and the addition of IPSecurityCenter web client.

These new features have been developed in line with IPSecurityCenter customer base, which includes critical national infrastructure, law enforcement, petrochemical and enterprise corporations. IPSecurityCenter enables these organizations to work within their standard operating procedures and to comply with standards such as CNPI, HSPD-5 & NIMS.

Some highlights embedded within the system inlcude:

Intelligent Mapping
The map engine integrates directly with third party mapping components such as Google Earth and Google Maps; integration with other GIS systems is under development. It will allow end users to zoom and scroll through maps, helping operators understand exactly where they are in proximity to cameras, entrances, emergency routes, etc. This is especially useful in emergencies, where it can help guide response teams to the right location. It can also be used to plot cameras, allowing instant access to these cameras in a very intuitive and graphical way.

Easier Administration
The new administration interface offers easy management of system objects such as users, groups, locations and devices, which gives users the capability of performing routine updates themselves and therefore reduces their ongoing support costs. CNL are committed to driving down costs for users, allowing them to make operational changes, something which other command and control systems only provide as a chargeable service.

Access Any Time, Any Where
IPSecurityCenter web client brings flexibility and accessibility to IPSecurityCenter.  It gives users the ability to remotely access and manipulate fixed and PTZ cameras for live monitoring without the need for original VMS applications or a thick client. It allows operators to view and search recorded footage from a multitude of VMS solutions, such as Milestone & Genetec. This will bring down the cost of ownership of IPSecurityCenter through cost reductions in installations and maintenance.

The web client can be used to give secure permissions based IPSecurityCenter access across organizations, as well as to third parties such as emergency and intelligence services. This latter feature can help with homeland security activities. As it integrates directly with the IPSecurityCenter Server, it allows administration and setup to be performed centrally, which again saves time and costs.
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