Stretch Announces S6107 Software Configurable Processor

Stretch Inc., a supplier in software configurable processors, announced the latest member of its S6000 family. The Stretch S6107 software configurable processor shares the same high-performance S6 engine as other S6000 family members and is optimized for low operating power. Like the Stretch S6106, the S6107's compact 17mm x 17mm package makes it ideal for power and space constrained applications requiring high-performance video processing.  Included in the new S6107 is a PCIe interface for communicating either with host controllers in embedded applications or directly to the host PC in add-in card applications.

The S6107 has been optimized for video and image processing and is capable of multi-stream H.264 encoding using the Stretch Intelligent Encoder. The bandwidth afforded by its PCIe interface and two high-speed data ports means the processor is suited to processing uncompressed video streams or to performing leading edge video analytics. This makes the device ideal for high-performance video capture PC add-in cards, as well as for standalone intelligent video streamers.

The first Stretch reference design to feature the S6107 is the VCC6008 video capture card. Using a single S6107 device, the VCC6008 card is capable of capturing 8 channels of D1 resolution video at full frame rate. The captured video is de-interlaced and can be preprocessed with image enhancement algorithms and embedded analytics before being transferred to the host computer through the PCIe interface.

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