AVerMedia Launches Interface Capture Card with Real-time Recording

AVerMedia INFORMATION Inc.,a solution provider of digital surveillance, launches the PCI-Ex4 interface capture card –AVerDiGi NV8416 E4, which is based on software codec. 16CH D1 480 fps, real-time recording capability, and also stackable design, by installing two NV8416 E4 cards, expand the system with 32 channels D1 960 fps real-time recording capability.

With 4 times bigger and faster data transmission bandwidth than PCI-Ex1, AVerDiGi NV8416 E4 is the only PCI-Ex4 interface video capture card in the industry, which offers to capture 16 channels D1 480 fps raw date completely. The key features of AVerDiGi NV8416 E4 are: 

* PCI-Ex4 interface high-speed video capture card
* Stackable structure up to 32 channels
* 16/32CH D1 Real-Time 480/960fps recording
* Advanced H.264/MPEG4 software codec
* Up to 5 MegaPixel IPcam resolution
* 1280x1024 Hybrid VGA spot-monitor output (patent pending)

Adopting s/w codec, NV8416 E4 enables to reach high quality performance at minimal cost with full functions, such as MegaPixel IP technology (up to 5M resolution for each IP camera channel) and supports hybrid VGA Spot-Monitor output up to 1280x1024 resolution, which enables users to output both analog camera or IP camera image to VGA spot monitor.

By the implementation of system design such as independent video stream for live, record and network, and software compression methods for H.264 recording, remote accessibilities on PDA/cells, Central Management System support that controls up to 1,000 DVRs, AVerDiGi NV8416 E4 really provides you a tremendous hybrid solution.

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