Bosch's Efficient IP-Based Surveillance Solution for Tihar Jail

To improve order and peace in the prison environment, Tihar Jail chose Bosch Security Systems for its IP-based video surveillance solution.

Prisons are dangerous places and must abide by numerous rules and regulations. All around the world, prisoners and staff face varying types of abuse, and more often than not, authorities turn a blind eye to the cruel and blatant violations of human rights that occur within prison walls.

Tihar Jail, located in the western part of New Delhi, India, is the largest prison complex in South Asia. Spread across 400 acres, the center comprises of nine prisons, housing roughly 11,872 inmates. The prison complex is currently managed by the Delhi Administration, government of India.

The Premises
The jail is committed to providing a safe and secure detention facility, with reformation and rehabilitation as central goals for all its inmates. Tihar Jail has special cells for adolescent and female prisoners, specialty medical care, crèche facilities for children and facilities for education, spiritual, vocational and recreational activities.

Since its initial development 50 years ago, the prison population has steadily grown, adding tremendous pressure to the overall capacity, basic standard of living and treatment to prisoners. Because of the enormous population within Tihar's walls and the need to maintain a standard of safety, constant surveillance and vigilant security measures must be implemented to assist the 1,300 jail staff with keeping order and peace throughout the premises.

The jail management decided that an efficient video surveillance system was required to track, monitor and record movements in critical locations such as intense security wards for prisoners involved in multiple heinous offences or terrorist activities, main entrances, and common areas where prisoners frequent such as kitchens, general barracks and activity halls for recreation and dining.

Security Solution
Bosch Security Systems, with its local partner M/S. Pan Intellecom, installed an IP-based solution in Tihar to strengthen the security and surveillance of its prisoners and staff. The first areas targeted to tighten security were the First Time Offender's Ward, High Security Ward, Interview Room, Medical Examination Room and Kitchen, as all these places require surveillance to ensure that no one is being violated.

Bosch employed a total of 280 Auto Dome PTZ (VG4 Series) and Fixed Dinion (LTC 0455) cameras, along with VIDOS Pro Suite software in 14 video management client software stations, all of which are located in a central control room. Each of the nine prisons has a control room, all connected to the central control room. The software system provides long-term storage and video and audio retrieval, to enable proper surveillance and post-incident analyses.

To prevent data loss during system failures, the main server stores the entire configuration while a redundant second server is used for backup, so that in the event of server failure, it can automatically take over for the main server and keep the system running.

Using VIDOS system configuration, administrators can create various trigger alarms, including motion detection, video loss and video contrast. Interval and weekday timers are used to ensure that alarms go off when necessary, such as when motion is detected in specific unauthorized areas during nighttime. When an alarm is received, the system switches a specific camera to the workstation and triggers the NVR recording, to track and record sensitive areas.

An Improved Prison
The jail administration is now much more efficient in monitoring the premises and ensuring the safety of all its inhabitants. "The jail inmates know they are being watched, and the staff knows that their actions are being monitored," said B.K. Gupta, Director of General Prisons. "There is no room for ambiguity. The surveillance system greatly improves the prison's security and helps ensure the safety of everyone within the grounds".

After the first successful installation, prison authorities have decided to increase the number of cameras for better control of the activities of inmates and to ensure proper discipline on prison premises.

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