IQinVision Intelligent Cameras Run on viasys Video Analytics Software

IQinVision, a market supplier in high-performance IQeye megapixel network cameras, smart IP cameras, and on-camera network video recording systems, announced the release of a firmware upgrade that enables customers to run the complete suite of viasys video analytics on IQeye's PRO LINE series megapixel network cameras.

Today, most video analytics software products run on remote servers, not on the security camera.  This approach requires high resolution images to be streamed across the network and limits the number of video channels that can be analyzed.  

Running viasys analytics software for intruder detection, perimeter security, and alarming on IQeye intelligent cameras minimizes the amount of video data sent over the network and substantially reduces the amount of processing the server has to handle.  It can also be used with on-camera storage and IQrecorder, IQinVision's "no-client" camera-based network video recording software, to deliver long-term event recording that requires no network bandwidth.  The CEO of viasys Hannes Ackfeld said:  "having IQinVision products as the proven base for Next Generation Motion Detection will help customers, system integrators, and distributors to have simple, reliable, and affordable analytics installed in minutes." 
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