Security Stands Guard over Correctional Facilities

Security Stands Guard over Correctional Facilities

From high-security prisons to police substations, security solutions play an important role at correctional facilities.

ADT Secures Hungarian Prison
ADT installed the security system at Hungary's Szombathely prison, boasting the most advanced graphics-based monitoring software in the nation. The Szombathely facility will house 800 prisoners, operating at Hungary's highest security level.

The integrated system for the Szombathely prison ensures high standards of security, monitoring and detection.

State-of-the-art Integration
The prison's high specifications were met with an advanced technological solution, combining fire and security technology components. Synergy of the system's 10,000 components was possible, as nearly all of them — cables, scanners, cameras, fire detectors — were ADT products and were compatible with each other.

A surveillance network forms the largest system within the overall setup — supporting nearly 500 external and internal cameras integrated with a digital recording system. The data storage space exceeds 60 terabytes.

A multi zone intrusion and escape detection system uses microwave and infrared technology. The integrated proxy-card access control system monitors entrances and exits, and features airlocks and a master key system. Gate, handheld metal detectors and X-ray baggage scanners are at security checkpoints.

Guards are protected by a wireless emergency alert system, with a wired system in high risk areas, which allows quick alert and response times in emergencies.

ADT also installed a fire detection system incorporating 1,500 sensors. Audio amplification, internal communication and lighting control systems are part of the integrated prison system.

Graphics-based Monitoring Software
The Szombathely prison has a high-security IT network, built around an optical fiber backbone. The "brain" of the system is an integrated graphics-based monitoring software program, which displays live information from the subsystems to monitoring center personnel.

The system simultaneously displays task lists with images from the system and records an event log. It monitors 10,000 devices for up to seven different status settings, or 70,000 status settings. It registers and displays all impulses arriving from signal locations through the kilometers-long "signal-chain" in a second. The system can initiate control procedures and intervene as required by the operational personnel.

An advantage of integration is that information from one system can be utilized by another. For example, the system can process the access control system database. Its telephone book automatically enables duty personnel to be called en masse, in line with alert procedures. This functionality is unique to two new Hungarian prisons, where ADT has integrated fire and security solutions.

Bosch Wireless Officer Alarm System Offers Secure Environment
Her Majesty's Prison (HMP) Perth is one of the largest prisons in Scotland. It houses around 700 inmates, including short-term adult male prisoners and remand prisoners.

Upgrading Safety and Security
SPS looked into upgrading security alarm systems in the prison. Traditionally, systems used throughout U.K. prisons include fixed wall-mounted alarm buttons and private mobile radios (PMRs). A wireless system with alarm mobiles carried by officers was an obvious option. Not only would this provide added personal security for all officers, but by eliminating the wiring needed with the old wall-mounted alarm system, it could offer cost savings during renovation and rebuilding.

The PS-Pager system is a flexible wireless personal alarm solution. All prison officers have their own PS-Pager mobile, which can transmit an alarm to the Central Control room. The status of all PS-Pagers is monitored and requests for assistance are automatically routed. If Central Control is unmanned, the system automatically forwards the alarm call to a response team.

The system features an embedded RF-based location detection system, ensuring that the position of every officer can be tracked throughout the prison.

Designed for quick and accurate response to prevent an alarm situation escalating into an emergency, the PS-Pager is the main mobile device carried by the prison staff.

Pelco Cameras Cover Colorado Springs Police Substation

When the US$6.2 million Stetson Hills Substation opened in Colorado Springs, United States, there was a need for both indoor and outdoor cameras of the highest caliber. The substation is home to 135 police department employees and provides temporary quarters for an average of 250 "guests" per month.

Not only do outdoor temperatures in Colorado Springs vary significantly, the area is also home to seasonal thunderstorm activity from May through October. The system needed to be able to continuously record all outdoor and indoor activities, integrate with the access control system and operate through all kinds of weather.

The system consists of Pelco's indoor (color) and outdoor (day/night) Spectra Series Dome Positioning Systems, along with Integrated Camclosure units and CC3700 Series fixed cameras. Working together, they capture the video images that are then stored on DX8000 Digital Video Recorders. The system is set to continuously record all activity on a 14-day loop and CD copies are made four to five times a month. To ensure high system reliability and survivability in case of a lightning strike, fiber optic cable is used for the transmission of video signals from exterior cameras to the DVRs. Power for exterior cameras is provided from isolated power supplies and a UPS/Surge Suppressor installed at the system head end also offers additional protection.

The Pelco video security system has played an important role in helping secure the Colorado Springs police substation both day and night, rain or shine. Police Services Representative Kim Brunson has found the new system simple to use and highly effective, as it allows her to select specific cameras in order to focus on what is most important during her shift. The recorded data is also invaluable for ongoing investigations and for use as evidence in future cases. And while no individual component can survive a direct lightning strike, the substation's new system minimizes the possibility that an electrical surge could cause a serious system outage.

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