L-1 Software and Services Applied to Paraguay National Identification ID Card and Passport System

L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc., a provider of identity solutions and services, was awarded a USD$5.4 million contract to provide software, services and credential supplies for Paraguay's new national identification card and passport system. The contract was awarded through L-1's Biometrics Division and includes solutions from the L-1 Secure Credentialing Division.

Paraguay is establishing a new and more reliable system of personal identification, including the addition of fingerprints into identification records, to reduce instances of identity related crime and corruption. The system is expected to virtually eliminate duplicate cards and the issuance of fraudulent cards based on multiple or stolen identities, consequently dramatically reducing frauds, such as voter registration scams.

As part of the new system, L-1 is helping digitize historical ID files so that records can be shared easily between the Motor Vehicles Registry, the Judiciary Court Records Registry and the Department of Identification of Persons Registry. L-1 will provide TP4100 Live Scan devices for electronic fingerprint capture. L-1 solutions are based on the latest security technologies and will be utilized to produce more secure and tamper-proof credentials, including the Paraguayan ID card used for travel between bordering countries and the Paraguay passport used for travel to other countries.

Four enrollment centers, including one that also serves as a central production facility, will be opened across the country by L-1 and operated by the Paraguayan government. The centers will enable citizens to apply for new and as-needed replacements cards and passports produced using L-1's secure credentialing solutions. The L-1 technology will be deployed and centers are expected to be operational in the second quarter of 2009. L-1 will provide additional support for the programs through 2010.
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