Sales on GE Security CTX9400 Units Soars to 100 around the World

GE Security, Inc., a business of GE Enterprise Solutions, announced that more than 100 CTX 9400 DSiTM in-line baggage explosive detection units and upgrades have been sold to major airports around the world, including the United States.  Still in its first year of availability, CTX 9400 represents the first in a series of enhancements scheduled as part of GE Security's product plan for in-line baggage explosives detection systems.

The success of the CTX 9400 demonstrates the value international airports throughout the world see in GE Security's explosive detection systems (EDS). Use of the CTX 9400 assures access to the GE security technology and provides an upgrade path to future advancements.

Certified by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, the CTX 9400 incorporates hardware and software to help customers achieve reduced false alarm rates and increased operational throughput using enhanced screening and explosives detection. By utilizing the CTX 9400, fewer bags undergo hand inspection, reducing the personnel costs and the chance that a bag might miss its flight.

The CTX 9000 product line, of which CTX 9400 is the second generation, offers customers the ability to maximize and protect their baggage screening infrastructure investments by ensuring a continuing upgrade path to the latest technologies through a series of regular new product releases.

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