Densy B&W Technics Properties Safeguarded with ACTi IP Surveillance Solution

Densy B&W Technics, an electronic store focusing on the sales of communication, computer and consumer related products in Sofia, Bulgaria, has now embarked on its collaboration with ACTi.

With ACTi's Unified Solution, including ACM-4200, Entry-Level Megapixel Cube Camera and NVR Enterprise, centralized management software, the shop owner can enjoy the maximum advantages of IP cameras with the most competitive price. All the video data are transmitted via Internet, which will empower real-time live view and recording to allow our customers to do remote management anytime and anywhere.

This project is aimed to monitor the devices and properties of the store. ACTi's local partner, RED Security, proposed ACTi's compact Mega-pixel cube camera for this customer. In comparison with cameras which have only D1 or VGA resolution supported, ACTi's Mega-pixel camera, ACM-4200, enables the security manager of Densy B&W Technics, to recognize customers' faces and behaviors more easily.  All the recorded data are transmitted from the camera site to the control management station, this will also help to prevent any possible accidents of camera damage resulting in video loss. Furthermore, the color of ACM-4200 is painted in white, which matches the atmosphere of the store.
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