Cisco Video Technology Improves Business Operations During Economy Depression

Cisco announced it is working with top retailers including Staples, AT&T Business Solutions and Cabela's to help transform their business operations through video applications such as Cisco TelePresence and video analytics. With increased pressure to reduce costs and bolster efficiencies in business operations, retailers are turning to collaborative technology to improve productivity, increase profitability and enhance the overall customer experience. By using the strength of the Cisco network to connect brands and customers, Cisco's Connected Retail strategy is helping retailers collaborate better with suppliers, partners and internal staff while lowering operating costs.

Staples Uses Cisco TelePresence for Employee Collaboration and to Ease Acquisition

* Staples is utilizing Cisco TelePresence technology to help ease the integration of associates and processes following the company's recent acquisition of Corporate Express and to inform associates about products and services provided by the expanded company. 

* Cisco TelePresence is purpose-built to be a different meeting experience, taking interaction and collaboration to a new level. Because it feels like everyone is in the same room, remote interactions are just as natural and effective as in-person communication. This simplifies and accelerates information sharing throughout an organization, and enables companies to scale teams and businesses in new ways.

AT&T Uses Cisco TelePresence to Communicate More Efficiently Across the Globe 

* AT&T companies are advancing both internal collaboration and communication with the use of Cisco TelePresence. The AT&T Telepresence product is the first fully managed multipoint business-to-business telepresence service with global availability in 24 countries. 

* Cisco TelePresence enables interactive video connectivity across companies and locations (multipoint capabilities), allowing retailers to meet with customers, suppliers and partners in multiple locations around the globe as if they were all in the same room. Retailers can streamline innovation, decision making and time-to-market while reducing the time, expense and inefficiencies of travel.

Cabela's Enhances In-Store Customer Experience with Digital Video

* Cabela's, a direct marketer and a specialty retailer of hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor merchandise, is working with Cisco and SCOPIX, an industry supplier in store operations analytics, to outfit its store with innovative digital video technology designed to improve its in-store customer experience. 

* Implementation of the technology from SCOPIX and Cisco at Cabela's includes the deployment of Cisco Video Surveillance Manager, Cisco IP Cameras and the SCOPIX Store Operations Analytics platform, which features Customer Flow, Queue Management and Sales Assistance modules. 

* The SCOPIX platform can also trigger in-store alerts sent directly to store managers' mobile devices. This function provides a window into current store conditions and helps increase the conversion of sales opportunities by allocating staff to the areas where they are needed. 

* The combined video technology solution from SCOPIX and Cisco provides Cabela's with unprecedented insight into how customers are being served throughout the store, allowing managers to ensure the store is staffed in the most appropriate manner possible.
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