Montana State University Improves Residence Hall Security with CBORD and NICE Solution

The CBORD Group, Inc., a provider of campus card and integrated security solutions to colleges and universities, announced that Montana State University in Bozeman, MT has expanded its use of CBORD solutions by implementing an intelligent video surveillance solution from CBORD partner NICE Systems, integrated with CBORD's CS Gold campus card system. The University will use the integrated solution to improve the security of its residence halls and increase the awareness and responsiveness of its housing security teams.

Along with the NiceVision solution, Montana State University has purchased 42 cameras to monitor activity in three of its residence halls. Cameras will be installed in the remainder of its ten residence halls next summer, bringing the total number to approximately 100. The cameras are motion-activated, configured to record footage whenever activity takes place within their fields of view, and monitors are located behind the front desks of the residence halls for live video display. In addition to acting as a criminal deterrent, NiceVision has allowed staff to investigate events such as broken doors and workers' comp. issues, as well as provide information to Campus Security to assist in investigations.

Montana State University can also choose to view live and recorded video through the CS Gold user interface thanks to a tight integration between the surveillance and campus card solutions. This capability not only improves response times during security events, but also allows IP notification of alarm events detected in CS Gold to be sent to the NVR.

"The NiceVision solution is a natural fit for Montana State because of its integration with CS Gold," says Tom Stump, Director of Auxiliaries, Montana State University. "We are constantly seeking out new ways to keep our residence halls safe, and the added security of video surveillance is a great step forward."
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