Videcon IR Camera with External Adjustments Makes Quick and Easy Installation

Videcon Plc introduces the Concept Pro VLP4526 Housed IR Camera with external adjustment controls to make a successful installation even easier. Fast installation times and trouble-free maintenance are key flashpoints for any CCTV Engineer, especially when cold winter temperatures can slow down even the most hardened of hands. The Concept Pro Housed IR Range is a series of high resolution cameras built into a robust, weather proof housing - Ideal for low-light environments.

The external adjustments alter the camera lens field of view and focus as well as the DC level. Videcon Plc. introducing this extra feature to ensure installers has the equipment they need to complete a fast and effective installation and just as easy to maintain and recallibrate according to changing demands.

The Concept Pro VLP4526 has a strong visual presence and is an effective criminal deterrent. The VLP4526 is fully cable managed for a more secure and aesthetically pleasing finish. As with all Concept Pro fixed and body zoom cameras the VLP4526 comes complete with a 5 Year Warranty, 14 Day Product Evaluation and Videcon's extensive after-sales support.

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