EyeLytics Announces H.264 Encoder IP Core for Surveillance Deployment

EyeLytics announced the availability of a Main Profile HD H.264 Encoder IP core for the surveillance market. The IP core has been developed for both ASIC and FPGA deployment and has been proven on the Altera Cyclone III Development board. The core logic is optimized for surveillance applications and contains desirable surveillance features including multi-channel support, constant quality rate control, all intra / inter modes, QPEL, CABAC and low gate count.

Surveillance applications need to store video using minimal storage space. Baseline encoder does not provide enough tools to achieve high compression. EyeLytics IP core uses CABAC along with other tools to achieve higher compression than a baseline encoder.

Surveillance applications also require good image quality for every captured frame to preserve image details. Unlike most off-the-shelf encoder solutions which drop image quality as a means of rate control, EyeLytics encoder uses a constant quality rate control feature to keep the quality of each frame identical.

The Main Profile HD H.264 Encoder IP core supports multi-channel encoding. This means that different resolutions and different frame rate videos can be encoded at the same time. Resolution can be programmed from 176x144 to 2Kx2K. Multichannel encode is an essential feature for surveillance DVR applications and it is an important differentiating tool for any surveillance camera implementation.

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