LaserCard Awarded an Order for Saudi Arabia National ID Card Program

LaserCard Corporation, a provider of secure ID solutions, announced a follow-on purchase order valued at USD$5.4 million to supply secure credentials for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's National Identity Card program.

The Saudi Arabia National ID card is a wallet-sized card that features LaserCard's optical memory security and a contact chip on one side, and the cardholder's picture and demographic information on the other.  The optical memory adds an unsurpassed level of digital and visual security to the card. As well as enabling the secure storage of the cardholder's digital information, such as demographics and facial image, the optical stripe is marked with visible cardholder identity information for ease and confidence of visual verification. This blending of digital and visual security is unique among all card-based data storage technologies.  The card is used for secure personal identification and to manage the provision of citizen services through the country's electronic government initiatives.

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