Global Digital Surveillance Forum (GDSF) China Highlights Central Management Systems

Global Digital Surveillance Forum (GDSF) China Highlights Central Management Systems

The 2008 GDSF China seminars explored smarter security solutions, such as intelligent buildings, as the trend toward situational awareness heated up worldwide.

GDSF China has become one of the most high-impact security events in China, allowing vendors to communicate with clients directly. Attendees were almost security professionals, making the forum an ideal platform for in-depth networking.

The forum is China's only event dedicated to network security. It offered a platform to IP's elite buyers to communicate with vendors. This focus on IP had increased benefits, according to several vendors. They were only 7 percent satisfied with results after exhibiting at general security shows, but GDSF China increased that satisfaction level to 80 to 90 percent. As buyers at other shows were not necessarily looking for networked solutions, GDSF China's emphasis on IP allowed vendors to lock in on their target audience.

GDSF China showcased the latest products and technologies in IP from exhibitors and speakers. The forum also covered relevant solutions for users and installers. For global IT distributors and integrators eager to break into the security industry, GDSF China presented a unique opportunity to meet the right people. As for traditional security integrators, the forum offered ways to transform their business and grasp user needs, making it a can't-miss event.

All About Integration
Looking back on industry trends for 2007, convergence clearly emerged as a central theme. With more security threats, the need for a unified response from access control, surveillance and other systems put central management software front and center. Simply receiving alerts was not enough, as physical and logical security merged for smarter responses through situational awareness. With a clearer understanding of events, intelligent central control brought all systems together a unified whole.

Integration played a major role in several key security projects in China. Guangzhou City will host the 2010 Asian Games, with demand heating up for converged security solutions in southern China. To respond to audience requests, GDSF China was moved to Shenzhen; the last two forums had been held in Beijing and Shanghai.

This year's speakers included IT giants, Internet communications companies, multinational security manufacturers and CMS providers. The event attracted users in various vertical markets to understand the latest in digital security. This made GDSF China 2008 the most representative IP security event in Asia.

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