Panasonic and mobiDEOS Develop Remote Home Surveillance Solution

When children return home from school to an empty house, their parents can watch on a cell phone to ensure their safe arrival. The clear image and pan-tilt-zoom capabilities providing that parental peace of mind are courtesy of Panasonic System Solutions Company's i-Pro IP cameras, which are increasingly being used in conjunction with cell phones, laptops and other mobile devices for a variety of applications.

One Panasonic Solution Developer Network (PSDN) member working to provide residential and industrial applications is mobiDEOS, the Sunnyvale, California supplier of the MobileCamViewer, a plug-and-play remote home monitoring solution that provides added security by enabling users to connect to their camera views from their cell phones faster and more easily.

The MobileCamViewer allows this homeowner to monitor his home and family using a Blackberry 8830, taking advantage of camera features such as pan, tilt, zoom and object tracking capabilities.

PSDN is a partnership program for manufacturers and solution providers that develop integrated solutions to support or use Panasonic products. Panasonic is committed to developing partnerships to complement and extend its offering of security and surveillance products. The PSDN program provides members with development tools, technical information and assistance to integrate with Panasonic products for broader-based, end-user driven applications. mobiDEOS is one of more than 90 companies involved in the integration program.

"Increasingly in our connected world, digital video cameras such as our i-Pro series are leading to more practical and broad based applications," said J.M. Allain, President, Panasonic System Solutions Company.

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