Frost & Sullivan Awards TBS 2008 European Product Innovation of the Year Award

Based on its recent analysis of the biometric access control markets, Frost & Sullivan recognizes TBS - Touchless Biometric Systems with the 2008 European Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation of the Year Award. This award acknowledges TBS' development of the world's touchless and 3D fingerprint sensor. The company's technological innovations set a new level of security, usability and convenience in fingerprinting identification.

The company has gained a distinct competitive edge in the market in overcoming the inherent limitations of legacy technology. TBS enables users for the first time to choose between a standard touch and a high-end touchless sensor.

TBS provides sensors, terminals and complete system solutions for access control as well as time and attendance applications. Its new series of fingerprint products include the BioGuard-Touch Terminal, BioGuard-Surround Terminal and BioGuard-10.

Companies that deploy TBS's products can integrate biometric processes into their business operations in a way that suits their security, privacy and identity assurance needs. Considering the existing technologies, TBS' touchless technology gets full marks for its image quality and captured finger area, as it shows third-level details at 500 respectively 1,000 dpi, including a 3D view of the finger and its texture, without failing to enroll even with the most difficult fingerprints.

TBS' BioGuard-Surround Terminal allows capturing only when the finger is positioned, giving the images excellent stability (similarity). Touchless imaging not only enhances security but is also more appealing to users for its convenience and hygiene. The BioGuard-Surround Terminal is available only for access control applications; however, from the middle of 2009, it will be offered for civil and criminal enrollment and identification as well.

Users have also shown great interest in the BioGuard-Touch Terminal because of its modest price and enhanced level of security when compared to any card or personal identification number (PIN). It has a modular design that enables users to combine touchless and touch-based terminals in the same network as well as merge fingerprints with a card or a PIN solution. Users can also choose from various options including server software packages (such as time & attendance) and wireless local area network (LAN).
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