NexVision Expands Market into the UK

Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) has signed an agreement with NexVision, based in Marseille, France, to work as a Value Added Reseller in the UK.

NexVision specializes in video related applications based on Texas Instruments DaVinci Technology including remote video monitoring, video security, infotainment, digital signage, defense, automotive and industrial inspection.

They can provide reference designs with hardware/software licensing or complete turnkey systems to speed up product development. Products include CAMHD an HD network camera reference design based on the DaVinci DM6467 processor and FPGA front end. Related products include NexRMC, NexVision Remote Media Centre Software, which supports CAMHD specific features like K-HDTM resolution, sensor monitoring, firewall pass through recorded video search and intuitive user configurable interface.

To compliment NexRMC, NEXSTREAM Server and NEXSTREAM Client are professional real-time streaming servers that comply fully with RTP/RTCP/RTSP standards to support 24/7 end to end transmission of real-time data and includes full RTP stacks, RTCP stack and RTSP session management stack.

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