New Era Gets New Logo for Integrated and Intelligent Security

A&S (Automation & Security) entered into the international security arena 12 years ago with A&S magazines, which have been providing firsthand perspectives on the industry's evolution. Over the years, we have witnessed major transformations in security, such as IP networking and integration, leading to the development of intelligent security. Security has moved beyond hardware — it has become solution- and- service orientation.

In light of the industry's evolution, we unveil the redesigned A&S logo. The new look symbolizes the strategic transformation of A&S for integrated and intelligent security.

The letters are lowercase and in a rounded font to project a warmer image. The size of the ampersand ("&") was enlarged to match the letters, and a background was added to show our continued commitment to connecting security players and users.

The new logo is a visual representation of the A&S business strategy: developing innovative and customer focused media services in the dynamic security business. The new A&S is truly flexible, from designing readable and informative magazine content to accommodating diverse needs in different markets around the world.

The revitalized logo symbolizes A&S consistency — connecting suppliers and users through our magazines, Web sites, trade shows and events. All A&S media serves as an effective platform, connecting security manufacturers, distributors, system integrators and end users. We strive to provide an unsurpassed platform for security businesspeople, facilitating continued industry revolution.

We are proud to launch the new A&S logo, highlighting our dedication to security. A&S will continue to provide outstanding service and quality content in a new era of integrated and intelligent security.

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