Gemalto Markets with MasterCard Advanced Authentication for Chip Card Reader

Gemalto , a global supplier in digital security, announced that its Ezio Pocket Reader is the first fully certified reader made available to the market for MasterCard Advanced Authentication for Chip. The Advanced Authentication for Chip specification allows two-factor authentication on any EMV card already in use, whether or not it has been personalized according to the MasterCard Chip Authentication Program (CAP). It also supports financial institutions in markets where off-line PIN is not used to verify online customers' identity. Therefore, the Advanced Authentication for Chip-certified Gemalto reader makes it easier for banks to deploy strong authentication to their entire base of online customers, as they no longer need to make any changes to their legacy cards. It also enables millions of new banking customers to benefit from increased security for online transactions, by making it accessible in every environment.

Toni Merschen, Group Head Chip at MasterCard, said, "We are pleased to see a vendor such as Gemalto delivering solutions to the market that are certified to our global and interoperable standards. Advanced Authentication for Chip is all about allowing Banks to cost-effectively secure remote channels for their customers, which is particularly relevant as they enter more prudent times."

"Our Advanced Authentication for Chip Ezio Pocket Reader will allow more online customers to use simple standardized smart card based authentication solutions, particularly in Asia Pacific," added Cédric Collomb, senior vice-president, Identity and Access Management at Gemalto. "These solutions have proven to be very successful in Europe and can now be deployed globally thanks to Gemalto's Advanced Authentication for Chip product."

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