SANYO Electric Adopts Xilinx Extended Spartan-3A Family in Next-Generation Surveillance Cameras

Xilinx K.K., the Japanese arm of the programmable logic solutions leader Xilinx, Inc., announced that SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (2-5-5 Keihanhondori, Moriguchi-shi, Osaka; president Seiichiro Sano; Securities Identification Code: 6764; hereafter "SANYO Electric") has adopted the low-cost Xilinx extended Spartan-3A family for SANYO'S VCC-WD390 next-generation wide dynamic range surveillance cameras. Leveraging the Spartan-3A DSP device, SANYO Electric implemented an image-processing engine featuring proprietary high-performance algorithms, meeting demanding time-to-market and development cost requirements.

In addition to providing finely-tuned image sensing and high resolution imaging, surveillance cameras now must offer wide dynamic range capabilities to capture images in both dark indoor and bright outdoor settings. SANYO Electric's next-generation wide dynamic range VCC-WD390 surveillance camera is designed with such flexibility in mind. With a wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor to provide high-quality images, exceeding charge coupled devices (CCDs), and a proprietary image processing engine, the surveillance cameras are capable of rendering images even closer to the human eye.

The Spartan-3A DSP FPGA family provided the functionality and performance required for the next-generation wide dynamic range capabilities offered by the VCC-WD390 surveillance camera. The device's dedicated DSP blocks deliver an average of 70 percent logic efficiency over a gates-plus-multipliers implementation, and functionality that enables ASIC-equivalent performance without requiring an additional co-processor chip. With Spartan-3A DSP FPGAs, SANYO Electric was able to develop original image processing engines with even more cutting-edge algorithms in less time and at lower costs.
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