New Carbon Monoxide Detector Tests Cells to Assure Functionality

System Sensor has announced the release of its new carbon monoxide (CO) detector. The CO1224T CO detector provides RealTest, the first test of its kind for a detector's CO sensing cell. This unique product can now reassure customers that not only the electronic components, but also the actual sensing cell can be trusted to detect poisonous CO gas.

Using RealTest is quick and easy. After holding down the test button of the CO1224T for two seconds, the detector will go into alarm. This shows the circuitry is working. The CO1224T will then enter test mode. Now, a tiny spray of canned CO into the gas entry holes at the top of the detector will put the detector into alarm. After about 20 seconds, the CO1224T will return to normal mode. That's it. You now know the sensing cell is doing its job.

"The CO1224T detector builds on our proven CO product line. Now that we've added RealTest technology as an option, with a small, safe can of CO, it's as easy to test the CO cell as the electronic components," said Jack Ogden, System Sensor product manager. "It only takes a half-second spray for you to rest assured that the sensing cell is functioning properly."

In addition to RealTest, the CO1224T device includes a six-year, end-of-life timer to indicate the necessary replacement of the detector. This model will operate on most industry security and fire alarm control panels because it is a 12/24 VDC detector.

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