BAC Unveils New Physical Access Control Solution in Mid-January

Biometric Access Company (BAC) will exhibit its new SecureTouch SmartLock (SmartLock) physical access control solution in mid-January in New York.

SmartLock is a biometric-based physical access control solution that replaces key-based and ID card-based locks for enhanced security. It ensures only authorized individuals gain access to restricted areas such as inventory rooms, data centers and pharmacies, as well as restricted equipment including safes, controlled substance cabinets and merchandise displays.

Users enroll a master template of their fingerprint in SmartLock, which is then compared to the provided fingerprint image each time they wish to gain access to the restricted area. Admittance is granted only when the template is matched and a positive ID verification is made.

SmartLock utilizes BAC's SecureTouch Advanced Modular (STAm) device, which is utilized for other BAC solutions including time & attendance and pharmacy controlled substance tracking. STAm is also used to process BAC's payroll check cashing solution, and can function as an EFT terminal for credit and debit sales transactions.

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