i3DVR Launches Annexxus Megapixel Camera

I3 announced the release of its new Network 2 Megapixel camera, the Annexxus 301C2M.  It's the addition to the IP PRO solution. The camera features a stable Linux embedded OS, a simple design for easy install, the latest H.264 compression and new dual stream technology.

The industry is buzzing with transitions from analog to IP and Mega Pixel technology. The transitional trend is due to the fact that capturing high resolution video over the internet can be a big advantage for end users.  However, these technological transitions often come with challenges such as cost and bandwidth limitations. Our product development team designed a camera that provides a solution to the fundamental challenges of IP technology.

As we all know capturing high resolution video takes up more storage and uses a lot of bandwidth which can be costly.  The Annexxus 301C2M addresses those challenges. The dual stream feature is the star of this camera. Its technology gives the ability to record at multiple resolutions video streams to minimize bandwidth usage.  While the main stream records at megapixel quality, the sub stream records at 1CIF.

The result is a great picture only when you need to view critical data thus saving storage space and bandwidth.  

The sleek and simplistic design of the Annexxus 301C2M is the reason it is so competitively priced without sacrificing quality.  At almost a third less than other megapixel cameras of it's kind,  the Annexxus 301C2M makes IP transitioning a reality and less painful- on the wallet and  the infrastructure.

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