Geutebruck Displays its Solutions Early This Year

Geutebruck will exhibit new hardware and software early this year in Dubai.

The following products will be displayed then:

Geutebruck's high performance, DSP-based GeViScope CCTV platform offers a combination of flexibility and investment security. New features which come in the form of software upgrades include 'Fading Long Term Memory' which cuts archiving costs dramatically by progressively reducing the picture rate of recorded footage as it ages; and 'Non-Interest' zones where less-relevant picture areas are processed in lower resolution and higher compression.

 re_porter , the flexible hybrid recorder, is fully networkable and very user-friendly. It has 4, 8,12 or 16 video channels plus an audio channel. With pre-configured software it is up and running quickly, yet its wide range of optional settings supports project-specific customization. Easily updated with software upgrades, its signal processor technology supports all analog, network and megapixel cameras. re_porter's features include fully independent real-time live streaming and recording processes, high grade activity detection and flexible backup facilities.

Geutebruck offers a thermal imaging camera for its Argus pan and tilt system. Combined with a color CCTV camera and high speed, precision control, this Geutebruck Photon represents a formidable tool for the early detection of intruders on open sites, round the clock and in any weather. Immune to the effects of dazzling lights, darkness, mist or smoke, the Photon is ideal for spotting intruders from a considerable distance. Thermal imaging is unobtrusive since no illumination is required, and it offers a high probability of detection even at long range because it is very difficult if not impossible for intruders to screen themselves against the technology.

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