Videx Security Provides Long- term Solutions for Kier Sheffield LLP

For over seven years Videx Security has provided Kier Sheffield LLP, a partnership between Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Homes and Kier Sheffield to deliver the repairs and maintenance work to over 50,000 council and housing association homes across South Yorkshire, with door entry systems as part of a comprehensive programme of upgrading accommodation throughout the city.  The support provided by Videx has included comprehensive training for Kier Sheffield installation engineers. 

Both low rise and high rise multi-occupancy dwellings throughout the city now benefit from door entry systems designed and supplied by Videx to meet the required specifications of Kier Sheffield.

For high rise applications Videx has designed bespoke systems complete with specific features that ensure all occupants, including those with physical disabilities, can readily gain access.  All the door entry systems are Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant with large LCD display (English text) and full voice annunciation for the hard of hearing and visually impaired.

Similar DDA features have been incorporated into many hundreds of 4-12 way door entry systems which have been designed for low rise buildings in the city. These products are all based on two wire systems providing audio contact between each apartment and the entrance door to the building. However, should Kier Sheffield wish to upgrade the systems for video communication at a later date, this can be achieved at minimal cost. This future proofing will prove invaluable.

The success of the long term relationship between Videx Security and Kier Sheffield has been based not only upon the quality and reliability of the solutions provided, but also upon the renowned customer service that Videx offers to the local authority market. For Kier Sheffield this includes full product support including the provision of spare parts for up to 15 years and comprehensive on-site training for Kier Sheffield installation engineers. 
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