Security Management System AEOS from Nedap Integrated with OneSign from Imprivata

Imprivata and Nedap partnered to create a connector that provides a physical-logical access solution, addressing customer needs around comprehensive enterprise security, compliance and user authentication.

The combined solution allows a user s physical location, as determined by the Nedap AEOS system, to be a factor in granting access to the IT network. By creating this joint solution, Nedap and Imprivata can support customers with an easy-to-use and affordable total security system that seamlessly integrates existing facility and IT access infrastructure investments.

"Organizations want to combine the power of their currently disparate security systems to get a complete overview of their company s security posture," said Omar Hussain, president and CEO of Imprivata, Inc. "We are pleased to be partnering with Nedap as they are a very strong player in the access control market in EMEA. The integration between Nedap's AEOS system and Imprivata OneSign makes it simple for organisations to create and enforce policies across all their assets, and provides companies with an easy, affordable solution to their access and authentication requirements."

"Customer demand for open solutions that can be easily added to their IT infrastructure has increased over the last year." According to Joris Lampe from Nedap. "Imprivata is a clear pioneer in the convergence of user identity, network access and physical/logical security. The ability of the two solutions to interface seamlessly makes this a valuable partnership. The joint offering from Imprivata and Nedap will enable security managers to significantly raise the efficiency of their access control strategies across both physical and IT networks."
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