Norbain Practices Optimal Protection from Optex

Norbain has announced that it is now stocking the new Optimal range of Grade 3 detectors from Optex.

The OML-AM and OML-DAM boast several key features valued by installers. Common to both models is the new adjustable Active Infra-red anti-masking technology which provides the ultimate protection against attack and false mask alerts. A selection of built in resistors helps provide speedy and error free installation, while the high performance PIR technology associated with all Optex sensors have been further enhanced to ensure stability in the harshest environments. 

Other features include remote self test, remote LED control, patented Double Conductive Shielding, 86 zone detection pattern, High-medium-low sensitivity selection and pulse count adjustment.

The dual technology OML-DAM has the additional feature of a microwave control input which can, if selected, disable the microwave operation when a system is disarmed. 

Also available is the OML DTP. Unlike the AM and DAM models the DTP uses Microwave based Antimask technology currently used in the Optex DX range.

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