Genetec and iView Deliver Integrated License Plate Recognition Solution

Genetec and iView Systems, Canadian technology companies, announced partnership and delivery of fully integrated License Plate Recognition for the iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management Platform.

iViews' iLPR - Intelligent License Plate Recognition Software employs Genetec's proven AutoVu Sharp IP based license plate recognition camera, delivering advanced digital video processing and plate matching against registered license plates, vehicles and subjects within the iTrak reporting platform.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology is one of the most reliable and mature video analytic technologies available today. From parking access control to stolen vehicle and self excluded patron identification, AutoVu Sharp cameras combined with the iTrak System can improve self exclusion programs along with the safety, and security of any risk managed environment.

Self-exclusion involves the identification of gambling-related problems by the gambler. The gambler signs a contract (in the form of a self-exclusion waiver) not to gamble in a venue for a specified period. Should the gambler be subsequently detected entering any area of the venue that has been identified, the gambler must be removed from that area.

The iLPR solution enables security personnel to automatically identify and intercept self excluded patrons and other designated individual vehicle owners before entering the premises. This proactive technology is being introduced into iView's customers globally.

The iLPR – Intelligent License Plate Recognition module automatically alerts selected iTrak users when a self excluded gaming patron or known vehicle enters or exits the property. This system leads to increased and effective self-exclusion programs and trespass management.

The AutoVu Sharp boasts unequalled precision as it automatically reads plates of parked or moving vehicles up to 140 MPH or 225 km/h. This rugged LPR camera is ideal for outdoor applications, and is available in a variety of configurations, depending on the specific needs of each application.
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