Securitas Acquires Security Services Company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Securitas has acquired the security services company ASF in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Enterprise value is estimated to MSEK 70 (MCZK 170).

ASF operates within security services, including mobile patrols and monitoring, with about 1,250 employees in Czech Republic and 200 in Slovakia. The company has annual sales of approximately MSEK 164 (MCZK 395). ASF is a company with wide coverage and a good customer portfolio, for example in the banking, office building and state contract segments. The company is the third largest market player in the Czech Republic.

With this acquisition Securitas will be the market leader in security services in the Czech Republic, with annual sales of MSEK 463 (MCZK 1,115). At the same time Securitas will enter the market in Slovakia with the sales of MSEK 25 (MSKK 70).
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