DynaColor Believes in Solid Foundation

DynaColor Believes in Solid Foundation

With a strong R&D team and solid background in system and camera development, DynaColor has all the recourses it needs to be the preferred, professional supplier of surveillance systems. Its shift from automatic optical inspection systems to surveillance ones is not without a history.

Started slightly later than the majority of DVR manufacturers based in Asia, DynaColor's annual sales are now among the top three of Taiwan's DVR industry. Founded in 1991, the company's products at first focused mainly on high-end automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems. Anthony Yeh, Vice President, attributes DynaColor's current success to its unwavering dedication to high-end systems. "We made our own AOI precision cameras after Panasonic stopped its production," said Yeh. DynaColor was also specialized in making microprocessors for monitors, so its eventual migration to surveillance systems is not without background.

Transformation took place between 2000 and 2003, which resulted in the production of high-end DVRs and speed dome cameras. Currently, DynaColor's main products in security are MPEG-4/H.264 DVRs, speed dome cameras, megapixel network cameras, control keyboards, extended storage and software. What makes it one of the most outstanding companies with splendid sales, said Yeh, is its "solid technical foundation."

Another key strength that distinguishes companies in this industry, Yeh believes, is their ability to produce powerful and reliable systems. With 10 years of experience and hard work put into R&D, DynaColor has evolved to be a company capable to deliver reliable products with sophisticated functionality — an achievement not many Asian vendors can measure up to.

DynaColor's first MPEG-4 DVR entered the market in 2005, and sales picked up drastically in 2007. Today, 40 percent of Dyancolor's revenue comes from the United Kingdom and United States, with Germany and Italy closely behind. Yeh thinks quality products with powerful functions are DynaColor's key to gaining its customers' trust.

According to Yeh, DynaColor is still positioned as an OEM partner, given its limited marketing resources. For now, perfecting its products, with customized features, is still the company's main objective. "No matter what kind of request our clients have, we can make it happen," said Yeh.

With intensifying competition in the video surveillance space, DynaColor's strategy for maintaining its foothold is to develop more diverse products, spanning across high-end and entry-level systems for wider clientele that is increasingly looking for one-stop shopping. The company, for example, set up a factory in Suzhou, China earlier this year to target local, price-sensitive buyers.

"We have our own pace, and we will remain flexible in the face of growing competition from China and Korea," said Yeh. With its formidable R&D capability, DynaColor is poised to offer more demanded, tailor-made, sophisticated solutions to the market in the years to come.

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