Uruguay Deploys Sirit IDentity 5100 Based Tolling System

Sirit Inc., a global provider of radio frequency identification ("RFID") technology, announced that its IDentity 5100 readers and transponders have been selected for deployment on the only automated toll road in Uruguay.

Corporación Vial del Uruguay ("CVU"), a government agency responsible for overseeing Uruguay's National Highway Concession program, has finalized plans to upgrade the Toll Collection System in all of the toll plazas operating in Uruguay, selecting Sirit IDentity 5100 readers and transponders, which are based on ISO 18000-6C open protocol and designed for long-range, high speed automatic vehicle identification ("AVI") applications.

The automated toll system installation is a cooperative effort between Telsis S.A, a Uruguay based company, and Telectronica, a company with AVI installations in South America and Mexico, in conjunction with support from Sirit.

The selection process for the AVI system was managed by CVU, who conducted a thorough evaluation of potential AVI solutions and narrowed the equipment down to two suppliers. Both prospective systems were installed and comprehensive tests were carried out in the presence of officials and technical staff from each of the participating organizations. In the final evaluation, Sirit's IDentity 5100 solution was selected for its advanced performance and reliability.

Phase one of the deployment included 12 readers and 20,000 transponders operating on Uruguay's main highway, connecting the City of Montevideo with the City of Punta del Este. At the completion of phase two of the installation by mid-2009, a total of 40 readers will be installed connecting the entire road system in Uruguay with a single centralized AVI system using Sirit readers and tags.

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