i3 International and Messoa Announce Exclusive Partnership in North America

The software solutions provider and camera manufacture have teamed to deliver a camera with better reliability, faster delivery and an unprecedented warranty. Known for it's innovative digital video management software, i3 International has paired up with Asian camera giant Messoa in an exclusive partnership in North America. i3 International will offer a complete line of competitively priced Messoa cameras in their repertoire.

Messoa has a presence in over 53 nations including facilities in the US and Canada. i3 International will improve delivery times using Messoa's strategically located distribution centers. All Messoa cameras are fully integrated with i3 digital video management system, SRX PRO series.

In conjunction with faster delivery times i3 is able to provide their customers with state of the art technology and world renowned quality. Messoa's engineers have carefully chosen every component with optimal performance and reliability in mind. In fact, their defect rate is less than .04%. Thus the reason i3 is able to offer an unprecedented "Replace and Recover" warranty. If the camera fails, i3 will not only replace the camera but also give the customer an additional camera to offset the expense of reinstallation.
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