IdentiPHI Grows in Demand for its Authentication Solutions

IdentiPHI, Inc., an innovative supplier in advanced authentication solutions for the enterprise, announced significantly expanded functionality for its flagship advanced authentication product, SAFsolution 5 Enterprise Edition. The 5.4 version broadens the options and capability available to enterprise customers in two critical areas – strong authentication and remote access.

"The new functionality added to SAFsolution raises the bar for advanced multi-factor authentication to enterprise resources," said IdentiPHI CEO Christer Bergman. "Our customers continue to demand products that provide a flexible and robust framework to support multiple authentication methods. The stronger identity verification that multi-factor authentication provides is becoming a key requirement in markets that are deploying a single credential for access to both network resources and physical facilities. Besides ID card efforts in the Federal government, many of our customers are developing requirements that enforce the use of smart cards combined with biometrics for access control. We will continue to add functionality for key customer requirements in order to make enterprise-wide implementation of multi-factor authentication even easier."

SAFsolution 5 Enterprise Edition provides customers with an advanced authentication framework to improve security and convenience for network and application logon. The SAFsolution 5.4 release incorporates a number of significant additions to address these needs.

* Managed framework for multi-factor authentication. SAFsolution provides new flexibility to enforce and manage additional authentication methods. Customers may set policies requiring users to logon and authenticate using a PKI smart card combined with biometric credentials for stronger identity assurance. Under this scenario, users can be required to authenticate with up to three different factors – smart card (something they have), PIN for the smart card (something they know) and a biometric (something they are). This functionality is critical as more companies deploy identity credentials that can support access to both buildings and networks.

* Biometric authentication for remote access. Two important additions have been made to SAFsolution to improve identity verification for remote users and access. SAFsolution 5 is the first available enterprise authentication solution that integrates with the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) standard and Windows Server 2008 Network Policy Server (NPS) to enable biometric authentication across a VPN. With this new functionality, SAFsolution can require users to biometrically authenticate to a remote network to establish a secure VPN connection. In addition, IdentiPHI bundles the SAFremote Authenticator as a core part of SAFsolution Enterprise Edition. SAFremote enables remote users to authenticate to Citrix published desktops and applications, Windows Terminal Servers and to other Windows client workstations via RDC using any strong authentication methods including SAFsolution's multi-factor methods.

* Support for new biometric devices. SAFsolution 5 now supports an even greater number of biometric devices, providing improved choice and cost flexibility to companies deploying biometric solutions. Working closely with new and existing biometric technology partners, IdentiPHI continues to add to its extensive list of supported devices and biometric methods.

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