RFID Global Solution -ed as RFID Solution Integrator on CODEplus Prime Contract

RFID Global Solution, Inc. has been selected as the RFID solution integrator on the CODEplus Prime Contract for the Passive Radio Frequency Identification (pRFID) contract awarded by ITEC4 (Information Technology, E-Commerce and Commercial Contracting Center). RFID Global Solution, the government RFID integrator and pioneer in RFID solutions for Defense, along with its partners CODEplus, SAIC, BearingPoint, JLMI, Intermec, Motorola, Sirit, Miko Group and W Industries, will offer complete solutions, including design, planning and implementation services, to the joint services through this indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract. The contract runs through October 5, 2011 and could be valued at up to USD$75.5 million.

The pRFID contract simplifies government purchasing of passive RFID solutions since RFID Global Solution and the CODEplus team offer turnkey solutions capable of addressing any and all DoD requirements. Federal agencies, the US Department of Defense, Joint Services, the US Coast Guard, NATO, and Coalition Partners are able to purchase solution packages and all the necessary hardware, software and services elements to meet their AIT and RFID needs through this contract. The PM J-AIT contract makes it easy to choose top pRFID solutions for CONUS and OCONUS deployments and operational support.

The team led by CODEplus has a proven track record of successful pRFID deployments as evidenced by the NCED implementation. RFID Global Solution has deployed RFID solutions for the US Army's Rapid Deployment Center, Sahara Army Depot, Special Operations Command, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, among others.


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