Dedicated Micros Confirmed as DVR Market Leader by IMS Research

Dedicated Micros, part of AD Group, announced that the IMS Research of DVR sales for the Americas region indicated that Dedicated Micros' market share has increased by 44.3 percent, and its share of the CCTV & Equipment market has increased by 45.8 percent. Overall, the company ranks fifth in the region.

IMS also reports that Dedicated Micros leads the global market, holding the joint number one position for DVRs at 5.7% - an increase of 18.8% in market share since the previous report - ahead of the next highest provider at 4.8%.

"The research underscores our growing presence as a single source solution provider, including enterprise, network-based recording and camera technology," said Mark Provinsal, Executive Vice President of Dedicated Micros.
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