StreamScale Enters OEM Partnership with ObjectVideo to Embed Analytics Software within its New Product Range

StreamScale, a manufacturer of advanced video surveillance systems, and ObjectVideo, a supplier in intelligent video, announced that they have entered into an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership agreement. As an OEM partner, StreamScale will embed the ObjectVideo OnBoard processor-based suite of analytics software within its new range of analytics-enabled digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video appliances.

The new range of products are designed to provide video surveillance functionality and access to advanced video analytics technology within a package that is affordable, deployable and maintainable for mainstream video surveillance applications. Based on an advanced embedded-Linux platform with a multi-processor architecture and StreamScale patented technology, the products also feature strong system integration features including fully featured XML-RPC and SNMPv3 interfaces.

Designed as an embedded video content analysis solution, ObjectVideo OnBoard intelligently discerns objects of interest; distinguishes between humans, vehicles, and other objects; continuously tracks positions for all moving and stationary targets; and recognizes if objects have been removed or left behind at a designated site; among other threatening behaviors. When significant changes are detected in the video, ObjectVideo OnBoard immediately logs the event and issues an alert complete with still images or full-motion video over the IP network to security personnel.

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